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‘Under Boob Pen Challenge’ rage, takes the internet.


Girls are being dared to prove they are “true women” with a strange – and slightly pervy – new internet craze.



Young women are proving their femininity – by exposing their boobs for everyone to see.

They are posting photos on social media of a large range of objects nestled under their breasts.

The strange idea seems to be “real women” are shapely – and you need impressive assets to hold the object in place.

They are showing some really nice under boob in the process.

Those with the most “talented” breasts can grasp pencils, pens, makeup brushes, flowers, – even bottles of lotion.

Usually, the revealing snaps are accompanied by the slogan: “pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman”.

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Collateral was written by David Hare an Oscar-winning playwright and is being produced by the BBC and Netflix. The beautiful actress will play the role of Fatima, a Muslim woman living in London. The thriller series will take place in the British capital over four days and follow the dramatic investigation of a police detective (Mulligan) trying to solve the killing of a pizza delivery man.

British actress July Namir, who is of Egyptian and Turkish descent will also have a role in the series. “Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would share a screen with her [Carey Mulligan] and now it’s happening!” Kamal told the Huffington Post about her new role. Also starring in the series is John Simm (State of Play, Life on Mars) Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful), and Nicola Walker (Last Tango in Halifax, Spooks).

Saudi actress Ahd Kamal grew up in the Saudi city of Jeddah and moved to the United States to attend university. There she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Communication from the Parsons School of Design in New York.

She became the first person from Saudi Arabia to graduate with a directing degree from an American university when went on to study directing at the New York Film Academy. Kamal also studied acting at the William Esper Studio and has gone on to animate, direct and act in various films.

Her directorial debut, The Shoemaker, won the special jury mention at the Arab Film Festival of Oran, Algeria. It was furthermore named best short film at the Beirut International Film Festival.
She is best known for her role as Hessa in one of Saudi Arabia’s most critically acclaimed films and the first to be submitted to the Oscars – Wadjda.
At the Berlin Film Festival, Sanctity – Kamal’s second film, was the first Saudi Arabian submission to be screened. She won the Best Actress Category at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2006 for her acting debut in Razan.

Her new series Collateral will be screened in the United Kingdom on BBC Two.

Will Smith and his wife Jada are swingers?

Jada Pinkett Smith just cleared up a very awkward rumour with an amazing response:

It’s the craziest rumour, and it’s constant!” Jada Pinkett Smith

The 45-year-old actress was appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when a falondonescortsadultguiden called in to ask her what the craziest rumour she’s ever heard about herself was. “The craziest rumour?” the star pondered, before answering: “That Will and I are swingers. That’s the craziest one. It’s constant!

Jada Pinkett Smith had the best response to rumours that she and Will Smith are swingers:

“And I’m like, ‘yo I wish! I wish!'”

Fellow guest and Girls Trip co-star Queen Latifah couldn’t resist adding: “I always admired that about y’all, don’t take that away!

“I compare you with every relationship that I’m in.”

Jada then revealed that she and Will – who are parents to Jaden, 19, and daughter Willow, 16 – have been together for 23 years. When asked how the couple keep it “hot” after so many years together, Jada suggested that the secret to a long and successful partnership was having a “good time together”.

“How do I keep it hot? I don’t know… I’m baffled really,” the star continued. “I really think that Will and I have amazing chemistry on a lot of deferent levels together.

“We love to laugh together, we love to lean together, and we love each other. We just have a good time together. That’s the secret, We just really like each other.”

How I became an escort

Being an escort is a permanent job, but not a very demanding one.  I know a lot of people. True, almost all are men on most of them will not see them ever, and I asked them to fuck me whether they had full body mole or a grand total of three teeth.
But it’s better than sitting watching the clock until the next tea break in a sinister room filled with employees.
So when my friends are out again in the drawer tired analogy of work in a company and job escort nod wisely and “pity” with them, while we drink our cocktails and we were wondering where they went all promises youth. Theirs is probably on the road that leads to the suburbs. Mine regularly loosen his legs for money.
Practicing escort as a profession in its own right not occurred overnight. I arrived in town as thousands of recent graduates. With only few of student debt and some money set aside, I thought it was arranged for several months but was quickly swallowed my surplus rent and a thousand petty expenses.
One day, a woman who sat beside me holding a magazine just a few centimeters in front; I noticed only after three stations not read, but wept. It was hard not to express my sympathy, but I was hard not to start crying too. So I watched my savings melt as the transport subscription buying became the main event of the week.
And although I have a devouring passion for underwear, even drastic reduction of acquisitions lacy not has to solve the problem. Shortly after I moved I got a message from a person known through my friend N. This is the city of N, which seems to know everyone. So when was bent over backwards to introduce me to this lady, I was quite attentive.
“I hear you’re in town – can we see you when you’re free,” said the message. It was an old lady, plump and sexy with a sharp accent and impeccable taste. When we first met, I thought it was not my nose. But as soon as his back was turned, he pointed me through half-whisper and furious gesturing as girl is keen on group sex and likes women. As they say, I soaked panties.
I kept the phone message a few weeks, during which my imagination hot, becoming increasingly restless. It went up to embody more tyrannical Gasper, dressed in latex, in my nocturnal reveries. It called almost immediately to tell me that she and her new partner would be pleased to meet with me to dinner next week.
I made calculations in mind, the rent, the number of days in a month, net profit after the evening spent in the city. I thought I would have a fit of regret or surprise because I had been used and paid for it. But there was nothing like that. It felt good, and for a wealthy couple, a meal at a restaurant and taxi did not mean anything. And, frankly, it does not to me seem like a chore. I asked the driver to stop a few blocks from my apartment. Staccato drumming of heels on the pavement reverberated. Although begun autumn night were still warm, and the traces of wax under my clothing the heat radiated sympathetic.

4 Healthy Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Sex drive is a combination of biology and psychology, so just like a romantic meal with some amorous lighting and scented candles might get you psychologically in the mood, certain foods can also increase your biological desire for sex. Scientific researchers have spent a lot of time studying the effects that different foods have on sex drive, and in this article, you are going to be privy to some of this essential research and you will learn about the top 4 foods that can raise the libido of both men and women.

1. Fatty Fish

We’re already frequently being informed that eating fatty fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are an essential component of a healthy diet. But, they can also add some benefits in the bedroom. Research has shown that the fatty acids present in fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel can raise the levels of dopamine within the brain. Dopamine is a really important neurotransmitter which is the core component of the arousal response. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help with overall health, including protecting the body against heart arrhythmias and blood clots. There is also some evidence to suggest that they can help reduce the symptoms of depression. All of these benefits will go towards increasing sex drive in both men and women.

2. Eggs

Eggs are one of those ingredients that are so adaptable and can be eaten in a huge variety of forms, and most people take advantage of this. However, eggs can also be used to raise libido. There is a rich vitamin B complex within eggs and this is essential to fight stress and also to balance hormone levels. As you can probably guess hormones are the key to all things to do with sex and keeping them at a regulated level will ensure that you are physically and emotionally stable and ready to engage in some amorous activity.

3. Meat and Red Wine

Wine is probably one of the core aspects of enjoying a romantic evening, it can relax you and reduce your inhibitions, but it can also go to work on your biology to prepare you for the end of the night. Red wine contains important antioxidants which can actually the production of nitric oxide in the blood which will increase the genital blood flow by relaxing artery walls. If you’re going for a fancy meal, pair your red wine with a good steak, the antioxidants in wine and the zinc in red meat will pair perfectly together to make sure you have the night you will never forget.

4. Ginseng Tea

In this crazy busy world most of us rely on the assistance of our good friend caffeine, but if you find your libido lagging and need a little boost then put down the coffee and get yourself a tasty little cup of Ginseng Tea. This clever tea includes a compound which can significantly increase sex drive, and it can also help with the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

Why Forgiveness Is Not About Closure, But Resolution

“Hatred stirs up strife, but loves covers all offences.”
– Proverbs 10:12

one of the functions of battle resolution is forgiveness, so quarrels are stopped quickly, for if they may be extended, hatred is stirred up, which ends up in strife. And this is a lamentable result in any event; reprehensible between, or involving, Christians, who are devoted to their Lord of love.

What love does to us, each time we understand there’s discord between us and another man or woman is it compels us to do anything we can to clear up the matter.

Love understands that forgiveness needs to take area among aggrieved events.

Love knows that dissension can’t be surely left as it is as if it had never passed off.

Forgiveness can be an idea of, then, as something that can not really be one manner. One will be prepared to forgive, or to are seeking forgiveness, to clear up the deadlock, but unless the opposite celebration comes a few way to acknowledging the harm, little progress may be made.

In reality put, no closure may be received for one while the other party brings closure.

When one individual has nothing else to say or do, the opposite character is marooned into locating closure when their needs have been not, are not, and might not be taken into consideration or cared for. It stirs up a brooding hatred in the individual, who could be trying to forgive, actually because of the lack of regard the opposite individual has of resolving the problem to love’s well known of mutual delight.


Love covers all offences with the aid of agreeing that disputes ought to be resolved to parties’ mutual satisfaction. Hatred, but, is content material to allow justice meander into the wilderness of self-serving strife.

Taking our ball and going domestic leaves the character protecting the bat with nowhere to go.

Love does no longer win unless every person wins.

Article source: https://EzineArticles.Com/9620823

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